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Saddle Fitting
& Charges

Poppy Webber is a fully qualified Society Of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitter,
and is available for saddle fittings, adjustments and repairs.

She covers most of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk (see map at bottom of page). She is able to refit and reflock your current saddle, or bring a selection of new or used saddles to try. 

She recommends you check your saddle every six months at least - this guidance comes from The Society Of Master Saddlers. It is very important to have your saddle checked as a preventative measure, as you would have a farrier or a dentist. Don't wait until your saddle doesn't fit, or causes problems.

In some cases - eg a young horse, or one recovering from injury - you may even find you need it checking and adjusting more regularly. It is essential for your horse's back and health to have a well fitting saddle. 

Have a read of this newspaper article for more information. 


Please read this ESSENTIAL guide before your saddle fitting.
It tells you everything you need to know, and what your saddle fitter will expect from you. 



  • Saddle fitting (per horse) - £60 (second saddle on same horse is £30) 

Adjustments undertaken during saddle fitting. 

  • Changing of gullet bar £5 (plus £20 for the bar if we need to supply the bar) - Please note, we tend to have stock of Wintec, Bates, Arena, Thorowgood, Kent & Masters and Fairfax bars, but cannot guarantee stock. If you have another brand, please say on booking as you may need to supply your own bar. 

  • Narrowing or widening (on machine) of adjustable saddle (cold)- Eg Aviar, Custom Saddle, Albion  £20

  • Heated tree adjustment prices vary. 

  • iTree (Barnsby) adjustment £40

  • Flocking - small amounts of flocking are included in the saddle fitting, however, if there is significant amount of work needing doing to the flocking, this may be chargeable from £5-10.

Repairs done in workshop:
Widening/narrowing a saddle to template (cold): £30
iTree saddle adjustment to template £50
Heated tree adjustments - prices vary
Changing short girth strap: £20
Changing long girth strap: £25
Full reflock (all flocking removed and replaced): £100-£120

Changing FLAIR saddle to flocking: £100-150 depending on whether the panels need lining
Reflocking and other repairs are charged at £20 per half hour. Minimum charge of half an hour.

To follow Poppy on social media, pop along and give her a 'like' on Facebook or follow her on Instagram. She updates regularly, with saddle fitting advice, and top tips. And welcomes questions/ideas for her magazine column. 

She also has a YouTube channel, filled with saddle fitting information and saddle dissections. 
Media enquiries via 

Saddle Fitting: About

Poppy Webber
BSc (hons)


Despite having a very good BSc degree and a Masters degree, Poppy's proudest moment was gaining her SMS qualification. People come from all over the world to take the exams, and they are notoriously hard to pass. It is a qualification to assure customers they're getting the very best in terms of saddle fitting. #bestofthebest 

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