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PeeWee Volante VSS Saddle

PeeWee Volante VSS Saddle

Imagine a GP saddle and a jump saddle met in a bar and had a one night stand... this saddle would be the baby they had. 


All the comfort of a GP saddle, with some shape to the seat... but big, meaty knee blocks to hold your leg securely. 


This saddle is probably our most popular saddle. Perfect for someone wanting to do a bit of everything but mainly jump, but euqally perfect for a nervous rider/sharp horse that just wants to pootle. Exceptionally popular with hunting folk too. 

The saddle is also very popular with people who find the knee blocks on a GP saddle don't work for them, for example people who find their knee comes over the block - this is because of the unique shape and angle of the block so it sits more on the tigh to prevent the leg from coming upwards. 


The Volante VSS can be made on either a standard BB90 tree, for a horse with a bit of a wither and some shape to their back - this tree fits a huge variety of horse. It can also be made on a BB3 tree, which is a much wider tree, suitable for the chunkier type of horse. 


Standard leather flaps or calf covered ones. The calf covered finish can also have personalised stitching. 


Almost any colour welting is possible too, the saddle in the picture has pink welting. 


This saddle comes in 16.5-18" options (larger sizes available on request). From narrow to XXW. In Black or Havana Brown (or in the calf finish can also come in Antique Oak or Tan). 

The options are endless. It's just the most brilliant saddle. 

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