Spillers Treats - Lovely Chunky Treats - 1kg


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We all love to treat our horses and ponies, whether it’s a reward for their hard work or just to show we care. We know that every horse and pony has his own individual likes and dislikes when it comes to taste, so we created a range of treats to suit every horse and ponies appetite. With five different types to choose from there’s a treat to suit them all, including some with special added benefits to help support joint and hoof health.


The chunky pellets are easy to keep close to hand as you can stick them in your pocket without them crumbling and making a mess making them the perfect mini mouthful. You can choose a tasty treat from the original treats range available in 3 yummy flavours:

  • SPILLERS Meadow® Herb
  • SPILLERS Spearmint
  • SPILLERS Apple

If it's something a little healthier you are looking for you can choose from: SPILLERS Meadow® Herb with added Biotin, to support healthy hoof growth or SPILLERS Meadow® Herb with added glucosamine, to support healthy joints.