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Solocomb Horse and Pet Groomer Mk3 gives the same results as a conventional pulling comb but is quicker, more efficient and gives pain free mane trimming and thinning.  This latest version of the solocomb is light, easy to operate and has longer teeth for better penetration.  The blades are easily changed and is designed for left or right handed use.


This Solocomb is one of the most revolutionary products on the horse grooming market today.  The slogan ‘never pull a mane again’ tells you all you need to know about what this product is designed to do.  The Solocomb has transformed the market by allowing horse owners and groomers to look after the mane and tail of a horse without causing it discomfort or stress.


The Solo Comb means humane grooming for horses and pets. The Solo Comb is the original, humane, problem solving comb. Manufactured from high impact ABS plastic with rubberised coating for a non-slip easy grip, the blades are heat treated precision engineered stainless steel to ensure a high performance. The blads are designed to provide heavy wear and are easily replaced. The hook the handle enable the comb to be hung up or attached to a belt. 



Tips for Maintaining Your SoloComb

Before use, always check that the screws are secure and tighten if necessary.

Many small cuts produce the best results and avoid damage to the precision engineered blades. DO NOT OVERLOAD THE COMB WITH HAIR.

Remove the comb head and clean blades after each use. A toothbrush is ideal. If the blades are not cutting properly check that the screws are secure and have not worked their way loose during use. This could cause hair to become trapped in between the blades, giving the impression that the blades are blunt. Remove the blade cover and blades and clean away any hair that has become trapped.  Refit the blades and blade cover ensuring that the screws are firmly and securely tightened (see full instructions below).

To clean or fit replacement blades:

  1. Release comb head lock.
  2. Slide head away from body.
  3. When the comb head has been carefully removed, brush off any dirt or trappedhair from the blades.
  4. The blades should be wiped with a damp cloth, or preferably a small brush (e.g. toothbrush), after each use.

To replace blades follow steps 1 and 2 above and then remove the fixing screws, blade cover and fixing plate. On re-assembling the SoloComb ensure that the screws are fully tightened.

NB Do not open the main casing as this will invalidate the warranty.

WD40 may be used very infrequently and very sparingly to ensure good lubrication.

NEVER use clipper blade oil.