ReLaxed - Rapid Relaxant for Nervous Horses


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ReLaxed, rapid relaxant, suitable for horses with muscle problems.

Absorbs in minutes – lasts for hours.

Suitable for nervous/difficult to handle horses.

ReLaxed is suitable got be given to nervous and difficult to handle horses before shoeing or in times where there is a ‘busy’ atmosphere.  ReLaxed absorbs in minutes and lasts for hours.

ReLaxed contains a blend of plant compounds that are know to assist in providing relaxation and calmness.


30-60mls for small ponies 30 minutes before event.

40-70mls for light weight horses up to 400kgs.

60-80mls for horses above 400kgs

To be given 30 minutes before the desired result.

Can be fed continuously 25ml small ponies

30ml up to 400kgs

35ml over  400kgs


Botanical Extract


Formulated to comply with FEI regulations, 24hr withdrawal recommended before racing.