PolyStuds - Individual Studs



Amazing, innovative new studs.

* Polystuds fit into the standard stud holes drilled by your farrier.

* 100% Rust Proof

* Colour Coded by shape for particular uses. Simplified Studding.

*Our Heaviest Polystud weighs just 4g compared to a similar steel stud which weighs around 25g.

*Made from a rigorously tested, high density polymer, Polystuds absorb more impact than steel studs.

*Super Tough and durable.

*Twist resistant, will not start to come loose like normal hexagonal or flat sided studs.

*Easy Application.

*Available in a huge range of colours upon request (minimum order does apply). Colour code your yard, string or team.

Price is for INDIVIDUAL studs. Multi packs are available here.