GFS PDS Patent Rolled Dressage Bridle-with reins.


£225.00 £345.00

Designed with performance and comfort in mind the GFS Rolled Dressage bridle has a cleverly designed headpiece that is shaped around the ears and has a wider bearing surface between the ears to reduce poll pressure.
The headpiece is beautifully padded with soft leather and has a channel for the noseband strap to sit into avoiding any discomfort.
The crank flash noseband is cleverly shaped to provide a wider surface area to the nose reducing in width to the cheek. Also being softly padded and featuring a fabulous patent leather finish with rolled leather detail throughout the bridle.
Featuring a shaped browband sized for an optimum fit around the head and ears.
Included is a pair of rolled half rubber reins.
Made of best quality English leather.


  • - padded shaped headpiece for maximum comfort
  • - finest quality leather
  • - plain browband, not blingy one in photo
  • - insider grip rolled rein


Cob, Full, Extra Full