NAF Respirator


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Five Star Respirator Five Star

Provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs. Contains a high concentration of procyanadins with ortho pherolic groups which are particularly potent antioxidants. Recommended for horses with hypersensitivities to external airborne irritants such as dust, spores, mould and pollen.

When to feed: Feed Respirator when compromised lung function or dust challenge is seen, to support clear, healthy lungs.

Grass meal,
Products of tubers and roots Products of aromatic and appetising herbs,
Products of fruit production,
Vitamin C,
Molasses meal, l-glutamine.

Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses 33 1
Competition use 66 2
Ponies 16.5 1/2
Competition use 33 1

For competition we also recommend additional suport from Respirator Boost.