NAF GastriAid


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NAF GastriAid
New NAF GastriAid Naturally supports the absence of ulcers in a healthy stomach. No one can perform on an upset stomach. If your horse shows signs of gastric stress, feed NAF GastriAid to support the absence of ulcers and give him the stomach to perform!
  • Daily protection from stress
  • Defends stomach wall from acid attack
  • Helps the balance of pH levels in the gut
Weight   g per day Scoops per day
Horses Loading rate (3 - 10 days) 120 6
  Maintenance 60 3
Ponies Loading rate (3 - 10 days) 80 4
  Maintenance 40 2

Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and is notstrictly according to size.

A 1.8kg tub fed at 60g per day will last 30 days.

Product Constituents

Psyllium seeds,
Calcium carbonate,
Sodium bicarbonate,
Grass meal,
White mineral oil,
Brewers' yeast,
Oligofructose (dried),
Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract.