NAF Cushinaze - 1kg


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Cushinaze supports vitality, providing nutritional support to the pituitary gland and optimises gut function especially in older animals. Conatins organic Sulphur Calcined Magnesite & Saccharomyces cerevisiae

When to feed:  Feed when your Horse or Pony show signs of old age or coat and condition deterioration.

Customers Reviews

Tico is a 29 year old Irish 7/8th Thoroughbred gelding owned by Debbie.

Debbie contacted NAF as she was struggling to keep Tico sound and happy with his Cushing's Syndrome. His coat was long and curly, and he needed regular clipping because he was sweating up so much.

On our nutritionists advice Debbie started feeding Cushinaze. Tico's hair has become shorter and straighter; he shed his winter coat much easier than before and his performance has improved. He does not trip as he did before and seems much happier in himself.


Tico as he started the supplement. (Dec 07)

Tico in May 2008




Gambler, a 19 year old Rhinelander gelding owned by Anja Fiske.

Gambler was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in the summer of 2008. Gambler's vet suggested medication; however Anja was concerned with the side effects. On seeking the advice from a NAF Stockist, Anja started feeding Cushinaze.

Six months later, Gambler is very well in himself and, although retired from competing he continues to school/hack as before. Only his curly coat belies his condition. Anja maintains him on Cushinaze, keeping a close eye on his weight and general wellbeing and clipping him regularly to keep him comfortable.

Thank you for your great product. I want to let people in a similar situation know that there is help and advice available and there is life after Cushing's.

Feeding Instructions:

Weight g per day scoops per day
Horses & Ponies Fist 7-10 days 50 2
  Maintenance 25-50 1-2

Maintenance level varies with the individual according to their need, rather than size.