Likit Holder


SKU: 100226

The easiest way to start using Likits, this clever toy is designed to be hung freely in the stable from the rope provided and used in conjunction with a Likit Refill (650g), sold separately. As your horse plays with the toy the Likit Holder will move, making them work harder for their reward.

  • Ideal for new users
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Portable

Challenge Level: challenge level rosette

Colours: Red, Blue, Glitter Pink, Green, Yellow, Lilac, Clear Glitter

Use with (sold separately): 1 x Likit (650g)

Good to Know

If your don't have a beam to hang the Likit Holder from, you can use baler twine/rope across a corner and hang the Likit Holder from the middle of the baler twine to create a beam.

*Please note, if the colour you choose is out of stock you will be sent the nearest colour choice*