LeMieux Pro-Sorb Corrective Dressage Square (Plain)



The Pro-Sorb System is now available with the Close Contact & Dressage plain squares as well as the lambskin pads. Utilising the same system of insert pads they offer flexibility for adjustment or merely more cushioning under the saddle.

Can be used as a front riser, rear riser or to balance bi-lateral imbalance. Also useful as an extra shock absorbing layer, or for general all round lift for horses lacking muscle/topline. 

D-Ring straps are contoured to give better fit and allow breast plate attachments
Waffle inner lining controls temperture & breathability
Inner layer improves sweat wicking properties
Double velcro girth straps with optional inner locking loop to prevent slipping
Swan Neck Design & Strengthen girth protection area.

These high quality squares have been designed for the competitive rider, offering style, durability and maximum fabric performance. 

Available Black, Dark Blue, Grey & White. Full Size (Up to 18") Inclusive of four 12mm insert pads.

Additional pads available.