Global Herbs Itch & Bite

Global Herbs

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Global Herbs Itch and Bite Cream is the answer for all itching horses and all fly bites. The combination cream is a lifesaver for all itching horses. Use Global Herbs Itch and Bite Cream on specific itchy spots or on large areas that are causing a problem.

In summer, use Global Herbs itch and Bite cream at the base of the tail and/or on the mane as it has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Global Herbs Skratch feed supplement.

The cream is a human grade product but you should test on a small area before applying liberally. The cream quickly soothes bites from horse flies, midges and other insects, some bites even disappear over night (and it can be used on your own insect bites!).

Ingredients: Cedar tree, Blue Pine,