GFS Monarch VSJ



The Monarch VSJ saddle is a more forward cut GP especially suitable for jumping, hunting, hacking and cross country. 
Very comfortable and balanced seat with Velcro front and rear Flexi -blocks allowing the rider to adopt a number of positions and accommodating a number of leg lengths.
This saddle has an open head and front gusset in the panel, being suitable for a horse with an average height wither.
The wide weight bearing panel suits a wide range of horses.
An extremely versatile saddle.
Interchangeable gullet bar to change the width yourself. Comes with the medium/wide gullet bar as standard. 


  • suitable for a horse with an average height wither
  • easy fit gullet system
  • lightweight flexible tree
  • flocked panel
  • front gusset
  • extended girth webs
  • grained leather
  • front and rear flexi block
  • square cantle