Fenceman Line Tester


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An accurate and convenient method of testing fence line voltage to 6000v. Here are the Top Ten rules to make your electric fence work properly! 1 Keep your fence as free from growth as possible – Growth impairs the output of every commercial appliance and results in increased power consumption, especially with battery-driven appliances. 2 Make sure that the earthing is optimal. 3 Do not connect two conductive plastic wires by tying them – Use special conductors. 4 Fence wire/tape/rope must not be broken. 5 Use conductive material having the best possible conductivity – i.e. Low resistance. 6 Keep fence wire and earthing rod free from rust – Rust is an insulator. 7 Weather-beaten or nagged insulators are unsuitable – Causes a high loss of output. 8 Ensure connection between the energiser and wire is optimal – Use cable resistant to high voltage for underground feeds. 9 With battery-driven energisers, check battery condition regularly. 10 Ensure that each point of the fence is live using an electric fence tester.