Equilibrium Simply Boost Energy


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When your horse needs a general ‘pick me up’

NEW simplyboost ENERGY is a targeted boost of vitamin B12 to support the production of energy in the body – making it ideal to maintain energy levels during competition or for horses and ponies that need an extra boost when feeling fatigued after hard work or travelling.

Simply add to feed as a quick vitamin boost:

  • Before an event to boost energy to aid performance
  • As a general ‘pick me up’
  • When your horse feels tired or lethargic
  • When your horse is off his food
  • Post-event as an aid to recover energy

simplyboost ENERGY provides a healthy, targeted solution allowing you to respond immediately to your horse’s daily needs.

With natural mint flavour, simplyboost can be added to normal feed

Size: 500 ml (10 day serving for horse, 20 day serving for pony)

Dosage: feed for at least 5 days or until bottle is finished.  Repeat as often as required.