Elite XCH Saddle



The Elite XCH offers a brilliant solution for an all round rider, whether their forte is competing or happily hacking around the countryside. A cut back head and tree shape suits a horse that typically has wider set shoulders, medium withers and is broader through the back. An open and comfortable seat allows the rider to accurately adopt a range of positions.


  • X change system
  • AMS Humane comfort panel
  • Lightweight flexible carbon fibre tree
  • Extended girth web
  • Balance strap tab
  • Smooth leather
  • Standard knee rolls
  • Thigh roll


Sizes available: 16.5", 17.5"

Gullet Plates: SERIES 1

Gullet Plate supplied: MEDIUM WIDE (others are available)

All XCH saddles feature an incredibly strong but LIGHTWEIGHT Carbon fibre tree. Traditional wooden trees are often heavy due to the layers of wood and extra metal required for strength.
The saddle trees are made from a mould so every tree is PRECISELY the same. Wooden trees are often inconsistent as they are made by hand.
Carbon fibre offers strength without bulk allowing you to sit CLOSE to your horse. Wooden trees are often bulky pushing you further away from the horse.
Carbon fibre offers STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY allowing the width to be ADJUSTABLE. The rigidity of wood means these trees are not adjustable.


For more details on the XCH system please click HERE