Body Wash - SLOSH!


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Non rinse, heavenly smelling body washes, suitable for every day use... or after exercise. 

Medi Slosh
Medicated antiseptic wash that deep cleans the coat combating infections and skin problems. A leave on body wash ideal for scurfy and itchy skin.
Medi Slosh is a deep cleansing body wash which can be used everyday or when skin irritations occur. The medi slosh is an effective anti-bacterial & anti-fungal action making this wash ideal for itchy or scurfy coats. Formulated to cleanse the hair  deep down & support healthy skin it will also remove sweat & dirt build up from the coat. This wash is low-lathering & non-rinse.

Muscle Slosh
Invigorating body wash that really stimulates muscles. Ideal after competitions & strenuous work. Contains essential oils of cedar wood, Roemary & Thyme with green soap concentrate.
Muscle Slosh is an invigorating luxury body wash
Contains essential oils such as Cedarwood, Rosemary & Thyme
Stimulates blood flow to the whole body & lower limbs
Ideal for tired muscles after hard work
Aids relief of stiffness, soreness & inflammation
Cleansing Green Soap leaves coat with a high shine
Low-lathering, non-rinse with a lovely smell
Can be used neat or partially diluted as a stimulating leg brace
This product does not contain camphor and is FEI legal.

Lavender Slosh
Heavenly smelling body wash that leaves the coat smooth and squEaky clean. No need to rinse off and perfect for everyday use. Gives a soothing all over feel to tired muscles.
Lavendar Slosh is a great everyday easy to use wash
Low-lathering, non-rinse with a heavenly smell
Formulated with pure Lavendar Oil to soothe, calm & relax
Ideal after exercise or competition
Coconut extract helps remove heavy sweat & dirt from coat
An indulgent wash that really freshens and smells heavenly!
Natural anti-bacterial ingredients help minor cuts & abrasions