Barnsby Haflinger Saddle



This saddle is a breakthrough for the owner/rider of the flat backed horse with well sprung ribs whose saddles constantly slip sideways.  A specially designed wide saddle tree, accommodates the conformation of more heavily built riding horse, these saddles come with a range of girthing options to further enhance stability. The saddles take a standard girth but a point strap and rear balance web may be utilised if required.  A double foam cushion provides a comfortable seat for the rider while the broad bearing surface, wool flocked, flat panel caters for specific requirements, ensuring a happy partnership.


Based on the BB22 cob tree.  Designed to fit cob or broad cob type horses and native breeds.


All Barnsby items are handmade and made to order; therefore there is a lead time associated.  We will confirm the exact time frame when we process your order.