Traffic. SaddleSuckingPonies. Rain. Yoga. Fire.


Tuesday 1st October. 2019.

Traffic. SaddleSuckingPonies. Rain. Yoga. Fire.

Yesterday was probably the first day in the history of the world that I wasn't playing my daily game of 'Petrol Light Roulette'. Which was lucky, as I spent several hours sat on the A14, after a car ahead scooted off the road into the muddy embankment - an amazing feat considering the road was travelling at approx 0.00004mph at the time...

Yesterday's fittings were mainly tricky ones. Sometimes you get days like that. Including two of my most tricky fits that I have on 'the books'. Both in one day. Yikes. They're both native ponies that suck saddles forward, up their neck.

One is a wedge shape (think a wedge of cheese, Brie perhaps, that shape) so the area in front of the saddle is SO much narrower than the large ribs- meaning that the saddle would much rather settle further forward/up the neck/somewhere near the ears.

And the other (pictured) a hunkychunky little 5 year old Fell pony, with a VERY forward girth groove, no wither and another large rib cage (**cough** belly).

I'll do an actual post about SaddleSuckingForwardPonies soon. Sometimes they're dead simple to solve, sometimes they give me grey hairs.

It rained.

All day long.

Non stop.

My coat wasn't waterproof.


So I was overjoyed to find the fire lit when i got home, and dinner made (albeit cold already and waiting in the microwave). Sadly too late to do my Candlelit Yoga class (omg, best 'exercise' class ever!) so instead I forced my long suffering husband to do some yoga with me in front of the fire.

I did wonder whether I should have secretly videoed it... picture the scene... an 18+ stone rugby player/riot police officer doing yoga in his 'Daddy Pig' boxers (a Peppa Pig based gift from The Smalls from Father's Day) with almost zero balance and very little coordination...

We love a bit of Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. I say 'we', I mean me. #adayinthelifeofasaddlefitter


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