The Hero In A Yellow Shirt

Friday 4th October.

Do you ever get those days where it feels like someone, somewhere is trying to tell you to go back to bed? Or at the very least just stay at home?

When every traffic light is red. When every tractor that has ever existed chooses the same journey as you. When you lock your front door, only to realise your keys are inside. When you finally get back into the house, your daughter’s dog runs out through your legs and plays the ‘you can’t catch me’ game.

When you’re finally on your way, ridiculously late, to work and see you have four miles of fuel left

⛽️ ⛽️ ⛽️ Petrol Light Roulette Level: Master ⛽️ ⛽️ ⛽️

So you go to the nearest petrol station, pull up, and realise your purse is still in the house.

That’s ok. Cos I ALWAYS have an emergency £50 note hidden in my car. 💴

Except I gave that away as a tip to a man that washed my car the other week. Because he had the saddest eyes. And asked me for a job. In very broken English. And I felt so bad I gave him my emergency note.

When I went back there a few weeks later he was gone. I would like to think he had been saving up for a better life and my tip gave him just enough for that train ticket he needed. Or that deposit on a flat. My husband said he’d probably been found out for taking the tip and sacked. I hope my version is the truth.

Anyway. No purse. No money. But it’s ok cos it’s a Shell garage and I have the app so can pay on my phone. Or not. It didn’t accept app payments.

So I did the walk of shame. I walked in and I begged the Lady Behind The Till for help. Was there any way I could pay on the Shell App instead of cash/card. Nope. She said NO.

So I had two choices. Thank her for her time and walk away. Or... (and this is the one I chose) stand there awkwardly muttering stuff about only having four miles of petrol left and trying not to look like a petrol robbing scum bag.

She took pity on me. She called her boss over. He mirrored her confused face, so I continued the trying-not-to-look-like-a-petrol-robbing-scum-bag. There was a (very) awk silence. I held on. Then his little face lit up and told me I could do a bank transfer online. Great. No problem I say.

Except there was a problem.

The problem being... there was no signal to get onto my online banking.

So... I did the only thing a girl can do at times like this.

I stood tall.

And I put my phone on my head.

Someone told me that gives you signal. If they didn’t already think I was a twerp they certainly did when I put my phone on my head and told them I was trying to get signal.

It worked. (Smug face)



So a huge THANK YOU to the man at the new Shell garage in Sutterton. The one with the new costa/Starbucks/whatever.


You’re the BEST! Letting me do a bank transfer was genius. 😘


Unfortunately I drive Doris the Disco. So the fuel got me about 3mm down the road.

🚙 🚗 🚙 🚗

After some googling I think I may have found him... see pic. This might be my hero 🤞🏼


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