Marianne Fletcher

Marianne Fletcher - Maz - is an amateur dressage rider, who dips her little toes into all other aspects of equestrianism. But, now with her new young chestnut mare Maisie (who sometimes lives up to all the stereotypes) she is concentrating on dressage. Maisie (Hollandia) is a beautiful 5 year old Hanoverian mare, who, despite her quirks shows real promise as a dressage horse. Over the last year, Maz has worked hard with her, bringing her on patiently and slowly, and now she's out competing, being brilliant and coming home with rosettes. These two are stars in the making, keep your eyes peeled for them as they are definitely ones to watch. 
Maz always has a twinkle in her eye... and will talk the hind legs off a donkey... so if you see her out and about, stop and have a chat with her. We guarantee she'll make you smile!

Maz also has another horse, Maggie, who she shows and dressages on. She's another horse that Maz has brought on beautifully. Maz is based at Mount Pleasant Equestrian in Chatteris, where they breed some truly cracking Hanoverian horses, offer dressage tuition and have an absolutely perfect little livery yard.